Specimen Management

A variety of reports are available within the Specimen Management module to manage staffing and workflow. Several management reports can be output in Excel format for subsequent analysis or reporting to other divisions of the user's organization.

  • Account Lab Services
  • Practice Manager Report
  • Supply Shortage
  • Packing List Reprint
  • Equipment for Accounts XLS
  • Pull from client environment; export of certain reports to Microsoft® Excel® format
  • Monthly Mileage Report per courier
  • Car Services History Report
  • Patient Travel Charge Report
  • Call Statistics
  • Call Trends
  • Route Setup Report

Other management tools supported in this module include the following:

PDA Traces

  • Allows users to monitor PDA activity and online tracking on the map

Security Reports

  • Enables users to display a PDF report showing all groups defined in the system
  • Enables users to display a PDF report showing the system features associated with each user group, thus defining those features that each user group is authorized to work with


  • Groups displayed on reports are defined in the security setting

Account Information

  • Provides users an easy means of monitoring all activity pertaining to a particular account

Call Trends tracking and determination

Call Trends is a management tool that helps users track and view the workflow of calls coming into the facility.

The Call Trends feature enables users to view compiled data on calls in the form of a pie chart and bar graph. Once the system compiles the visual aids, the graph provides further detailing capabilities that enable users to narrow data on call trends as well as extract and view detailed information. The pie charts and bar graphs consist of twelve periods based on the interval chosen.

  • Users can select the time period or categories and drill down into specifics of the call.
  • Users can generate graphs based on a number of search criteria such as by date range, CSR, weekly or monthly intervals, call status, call category, or by all calls in general.

Call Statistics

The Call Statistics menu enables users to view the types of calls that come into the facility and the frequency of each. This is useful for determining the frequency and consistency of each call type for management purposes.

  • Provides users with the percentage of each call type received and displays the data in two separate color-coded pie charts.

Route Management

The Courier Tracking system provides route definition for routine and specialty routes as well as the ability to dispatch pickup requests in real time to couriers out in the field. It also documents all activities by the couriers such as specimen pickup, supply delivery, and returns.

  • The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is used to keep a record of the transactions performed on every route.
  • Routes will be updated dynamically based on downloads and uploads from PDAs assigned to each courier.
  • Couriers are notified of additional pickup locations via update to their PDAs.
  • The system documents specimen pickup at physician offices and drop off at testing locations.
  • Routes are job based. The system defines each visit to a client as a "job" with multiple parameters that are unique for each job.
  • The system can calculate the distance between locations and the average travel time.
  • The PDAs enable couriers to document the most current record of delivery statuses, which are passed back to the Courier Tracking system in real time.
  • After the courier or phlebotomist logs into the application and selects a route, the route and its defined locations are downloaded from the Courier Tracking system to the PDA.
  • Based on setup, only the functions necessary for that location are displayed for the couriers—with the option for them to add other functions as needed.

Locations can have a bar code and written text labels posted on specimen pick-up boxes or in designated areas at the client facility. The system also allows users to manually activate the locations in the event that the bar code cannot be scanned.

  • When users scan bar codes with the PDA, the system records the date and time of scan as well as the courier's ID, thus activating the location.
  • The location bar code will indicate which bar code was scanned: inside or outside (lockbox).
  • The system records when a bar code is manually entered by the courier.

Documentation of supply delivery

The system documents delivery of the requested supplies when the client location personnel sign and review the list of delivered items.

Route Management

The system displays the progress of the route in different colors to indicate the route status. For example, if a route is scheduled to start in an hour, this tool is useful to help the dispatcher select the appropriate route based on how close it is to the requesting location or the amount of time the run will take.

For completed locations, the system shows the length of time spent at a location, as well as the courier’s or phlebotomist's arrival and departure times. Specific account detail can also be viewed, including the following:

  • Items picked up
  • Deliveries completed
  • Returns

The system can also recommend to the dispatcher the best route to be assigned for a pickup request. For example, based on distance and time constraints, the system may suggest as the best route one that will add the least amount of time to the route.

Route Management will automatically refresh to give the most current view.

Route History reports

The following Route History reports are available:

  • Inventory Returns history report
  • Car Inventory history report
  • Specimen history report

Fleet Management

In Fleet Management setup, users can define information for each vehicle, including the following:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle color
  • Car availability
  • Tag number
  • Vehicle's current odometer reading
  • Vehicle's VIN number
  • Expiration date of the vehicle's registration
  • Expiration date of the vehicle’s insurance
  • Date of vehicle’s last service
  • Date of vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance

In addition, users can perform the following functions:

  • Produce vehicle history reports
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance based on time in service alerts
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance based on mileage alerts

Mileage calculations allow customizable values for fleet maintenance reminders.

Users can capture the vehicle’s service history, similar to the following:

  • Date of vehicle’s last service
  • Vehicle’s mileage at the time of servicing
  • ID associated with the vehicle service
  • A description of the vehicle service
  • Comments entered by the user during service registration
  • Location of the vehicle service
  • Price of servicing
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