Order and Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking from filling to delivery includes the following features:

  • Tracking of supplies from the initial request to final delivery to the outreach account
  • Maintenance of inventory levels for the outreach supplies and tracking of those supplies sent to the outreach accounts
  • Defining of minimum and maximum inventory levels for each supply item and the management of minimum and maximum inventory levels for each supply item based on setup
  • Documentation of supply requests; inventory levels adjusted at the inventory location
  • Creation and tracking of back orders from inception to resolution
  • Production of reports based on supplies provided to each client
  • Association of a photograph with the supply item
  • Printing of bar-coded invoices for package delivery
    • A unique ID number is generated when an account is selected for supply filling. This number is used to identify this package and will be printed on the packing list.
    • After supply requests have been filled, the filling confirmation list is printed and placed on the outside of the box for the courier to pick up.
  • Assignment of supply deliveries to a courier during the inventory stop.
    • When a supply package is available for delivery at one of the stops on the courier's route, delivery tasks may be downloaded to a courier's PDA. The courier will be alerted on the PDA that the supply package is available for delivery.
  • Documentation of delivery of the requested supplies by having the client's personnel sign and review the list of delivered items
  • Automatic tracking of supply usage based on supplies delivered to the outreach clients
  • Easy creation and cancellation of recurring supply orders
    • Recurring orders can be created. The system will then automatically generate the supply order based on the criteria assigned to the request.
    • Recurring orders can be edited to change frequency, add or delete supply items, and change amounts.
    • The system allows users to deactivate and cease supplies that are scheduled on a repeated basis to be delivered to a specific account (or location).
  • Creation of multiple inventory locations within the system
  • Designation of supply orders as stat for expedited processing
    • Orders that are flagged as stat will be listed at the top of the filling supplies queue.

The system provides the following during package preparation:

  • Date when the last order was placed for an item
  • Date when the last request for an item was filled
  • Name of the caller who made the request
  • Name of the CSR who filled the request

If insufficient stock is available for a supply item, the order can be partially filled, with the remainder put on back order or reduced.

  • The user can add a back order for the selected supply.
  • Adding a back order will allow the client to receive a smaller quantity of the supply than requested.

Users can view the view the package slip as well as the package history detail, which includes the following information:

  • ID number of the package
  • Identification of the user who entered the package in the system
  • Date and time that the package was created in the system
  • Account number associated with the package
  • Account name associated with the package
  • "Filled in" location ID
  • Package History (section), which includes the following information:
    • date and time action was taken on the package
    • the package's current status
    • who last worked with the package
    • a comment area
  • Package Items (section), which includes the following information:
    • Item ID
    • who requested the package
    • current status of the package
    • the quantity issued
    • any missing packages
    • the delivery status
    • a comment area

Package Notification

The Package Notification feature allows the user to handle supplies as follows:

  • Packages can be marked as missing.
  • Packages can be reassigned for delivery or broken down and the supply content returned to inventory.
  • Notifications can be generated when supplies are ordered outside of the preferred supply list, and notifications regarding order status can be sent to outreach clients.
  • Using Return Management, users can process items that were returned due to the following reasons:
    • There may have been too many of an item.
    • An item may have expired.
    • The item may have been incorrect.
  • The PDA initially documents these transactions; the system enables users to work with multiple transactions at a time.
  • Users can view the quantity of the items that were returned as well as the current quantity of the item.
  • Expired items are not returned to inventory.
  • Wrong items are returned to inventory.
  • The reason for the return can be documented.

Client Supply Setup

Supplier accounts can be defined in the system as follows:

  • Based on setup, inventory will associate a supplier with an inventory item.
  • Inventory items can be invoiced to be sent to the supplier.
  • Detailed information can be entered for each supplier.
  • The following information can be entered for each supplier:
    • Supplier's identification code
    • Supplier's name
    • Active/inactive record
    • Supplier's web address
    • Supplier's address
    • Supplier’s contact information
  • Multiple suppliers can be defined for the same item.
  • Users can determine which supply items are below minimum levels.
  • Supply orders can be printed for mailing or faxing.
  • Supply orders can be e-mailed to the supply vendor.

Inventory Reporting

This is a partial list of the inventory reports that are available:

  • Requisition Form Report
  • Supply Shortage Report
  • Delivered Supplies Report
  • Out of Order Filling Report
  • Supplies Orders Report
  • Returns History Report
  • Car Inventory History Report
  • Car Inventory Report
  • Supply Shortage by Item Report
  • Requisition Forms Assignment Report
  • Supplies Assignment Report
  • Car Supply Shortage Report
  • Packages Waiting for Delivery Report
  • Back Order Report
  • Supply Usage Total Report
  • Supply Usage by Account Report
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